Our thought patterns impact our emotional responses, and ultimately our behaviors. It’s a loop that begins with our cognitions. What we tell ourselves (aka self talk) both out loud and in our mind impacts how well we feel, and the life we ultimately create.

When we experience a situation where doubt creeps in, and the “inner critic” emerges (which is bound to occur), we have the ability and power to choose a different response. Between the situation and the response there’s a space where we can challenge our faulty thinking and reframe more adaptively.  If you struggle with inner criticism, and tend to say to yourself, “I am unable to meet this goal” or, “I can’t do this“, your emotional response and behaviors will follow suit. If you tell yourself “I CAN shift my behavior”, and “I CAN do this”, it creates a powerful shift.  When we reframe that thought pattern, it shifts the emotion that follows, and consequently shifts behavior in a new direction.

This process is not easy, and takes time. However, with practice, it gets easier and easier, and eventually our thoughts are rewired more adaptively. Watching the thoughts that we are telling ourselves is a practice just like anything else. Think about it. We practice skills and techniques for many other situations, and our thought patterns are not any different. We need to practice thinking more adaptively as our mindset plays a powerful role in our wellbeing.

If you are interested in exploring this further, let me know. I am happy to help you along this journey. As part of my business, I offer wellness coaching services that can assist with self-confidence, mindset and empowerment, and various other topics related to health and wellness.  I am a firm believer of the power of intentions, and reframing thoughts for success. Wishing you light and love.



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